My first experience with this devastating illness was over ten years ago. When a friend called me, sick and afraid, I had no idea what mercury poisoning was.

My friend explained that after she had seen 60 different doctors, finally one natural medicine doctor had figured out the cause of her baffling illness. Mercury poisoning is a dreadful experience that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.

Besides all kinds of strange symptoms and pains, it also has the power to take away your peace of mind. Looking back on this event, I can't help to feel a bit guilty for occasionally doubting her many aches and complaints. But I do not have a science or medical background and when I took on the responsibility of caring for her, I had no idea what I was getting myself into.


A Behind The Scene Story


While I was serving as her nurse for three months, many things went wrong with her care. Foremost was the lack of knowledge and sometimes compassion from the different 60 doctors she visited during her illness.

I think that more the government’s fault than the doctor's because the government controls what these doctors learn in medical school. After interviewing the attorney Johnathan W. Emord and reading his book The Rise of Tyranny, I realized the problem was very serious.



Unless you take the time to read and find out how the FDA acquired all their power, is easy to misunderstand and point fingers at the wrong people, like doctors.

Most of these physicians were acting to the best of their knowledge and at times, they drove her detoxification program way too quickly and aggressively. It was precisely this aggression in her treatment that almost drove her to the point of suicide.

One day in 2010, while having a conversation with the same friend, she informed me about a young woman who was mercury poisoned and showed me a video that a TV network posted on YouTube.


This woman was the wife of a hardworking fireman. She was so beautiful and so sick.

It angered me that after all these years, ignorant dentists are still ruining lives. These dentists chose not to inform themselves and evolve their dentistry knowledge.

In my opinion, if you want to be a dentist in the twenty-first century, you must choose to be a biological or “mercury-free” dentist; if not... you are the main source of the problem.



At one point during pre-production, I realized just how complicated the subject of mercury poisoning via dental amalgam was.

Here I was, not a nurse, doctor or scientist, just a director, and producer who wanted to tell a 150-year-old story.

I was mad as hell at the system for causing pain and devastation to someone I cared for and to many other innocent victims out there. 


During Distribution

Distribution of independent films is like crossing the Amazon River; you may get bitten by piranhas or end up with your film collecting dust on the bookshelf.

Daniel and I consider ourselves lucky; we acquired an exclusive deal with Film Group, the biggest agency of educational films in the country. Thanks to Film Group, Mercury Undercover will be viewed in schools, universities, and libraries across the USA.

Mercury Undercover was also part of the official selection of an environmental film festival in Florida, and our DVD made it to retail and online stores.

In addition, we were able to screen it through Dr. Mercola and managed to seize the attention of 300,000 eyeballs on the issue and corruption of mercury in dental amalgam fillings.


What we learned from this project



After our film made it to the public, many victims of mercury dental amalgams began to reach out to us for help. We must state that these emails were heartbreaking to us, especially when we were not able to help them out. Many of these victims were low-income individuals.

Our current health care system is broken and there is not much assistance available for these types of injuries.

The way we view doctors and dentists has changed; we are more aware and everything gets a second opinion.


Our health is the most important thing we have and should take priority. As producers and filmmakers, we have the responsibility to bring forward well-researched projects and stories that can elevate and empower people's choices.


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