What is a creative brief?


A document summarizing the marketing plan. This is where the creative designer gets to introduce the project to a client. A well-thought-out creative brief has one primary function - to inspire, communicate and solve a problem.

The creative brief is the starting point from which every decision and movement made on the project should align. As a project evolves, changes are added or removed.


Here are 5 questions a great creative brief should answer


1. What’s the problem?

I recommend describing the problem you need to solve. Go deep, ask away when the client is detailing the many issues or concerns. Make sure you ask questions and write them down.

2. Objective: What is the goal of the ad or campaign?

Write a concise statement of the effect the campaign should have on the target audience. Use actions to describe how and what the ad should make the audience feel, think, etc. Keep in mind, your main objective is to persuade the consumer to use or buy the product or service.

3. What’s the product or service being promoted?

Keep it simple and straight to the point, without confusing your audience.

4. Who are you talking to?

Your target audience profile should be more about a lifestyle, what they feel or their behavior, rather than being about percentages. Ask the following question: Can you describe a picture or your audience? Answer these, who they are, where are they, how to communicate with them and what else do you know about them?

5. Schedule:

Provide as many details as possible for the creative team, such as media sizes and production specs; dates on creative reviews, internal presentations with a full team, strategic planning, formal rehearsals for the client and client presentation. By thinking through these steps, you’ll be able to produce a creative brief that’s effective and should be well on your way.

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