How to access creativity when our creative spring runs dry, regardless of our best intentions to access this source, we can’t help feeling blocked. Is it because we are afraid of letting go?


How To Access Your Creativity When You Feeling Stuck


Our persistence to keep the production line moving forward and the rush to meet deadlines can leave us feeling overwhelmed and mentally exhausted. We often seem not to recognize how the lack of mental and physical rest can negatively impact our nervous system and our living spaces.
Our worst enemy during these times can be our thinking. A creative block isn't just frustrating, it could potentially be a career killer, and most creative professionals rely on their creativity to pay the bills.


How To Access Creativity?
Here are 8 tips to help you release what is blocking you


1. A block can happen when you are taking on too many commitments or too many ideas. If you are suffering from information overload, start by blocking off some downtime. Try to answer emails at a set time and allocate some time to switch your phone off.
2. Accept that you can't please all the people all of the time and learn to brush off rejection and criticism.
3. Learn to look at creative blocks as growth. Regroup your thoughts and consider this: You are not running out of ideas or creativity, you are just overworked.
4. Find time to be alone and relax. The best ideas happened in-between times, so take this time seriously.
5. Be outdoors, take to the road, or stroll around your neighborhood. This may be a good way to see new details around you.
6. Read, take time to read something off your comfort zone to ignite the creative spark.
7. Meditate, pray or exercise. Sometimes when we try to generate creativity, we may end up blocked even more.
8. View things from different angles. Immerse yourself in a particular culture or art. Doing so can help you gain new perspective and insight.

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