Here are some digital video advertising trends you need to know. Consumers like to watch video, simple as that. Watching videos is the fastest way to digest information. More and more, marketers are finding ways to integrate video into their strategies to target consumers.


Digital Video Advertising Trends You Need to Know


Facebook Cracks Down On Fake Videos For All MarketerToday’s audience expects to access great digital video anywhere, across any number of screens

In July 2016, Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder of Facebook, said on a quarterly earnings call, “We see a world that is video-first with video at the heart of all our apps and services.”

This means digital video advertising will soon take priority. And we are seeing cable operators and content creators rushing to stay ahead of the flow.


 The Shift to Mobile Continues

People are watching more videos on their phone while at home. 25% of consumers watch more than 2 hours of video on their smartphone each week.

According to e-marketer, by 2020, TV ad spending’s share will drop below one-third of total media ad spending for the first time in the US. While mobile ad spending is expected to grow by 38.%, which represents 63.4% of total digital ad spending in the US this year.Today, more than 50% of all video views occur on mobile.

it’s no surprise that video is shifting and shaping the world of marketing more than ever. Now is the time to find new ways to implement this format into your digital advertising strategy. Video marketing gives you unique capabilities to better connect with visitors and turn them into customers, also, integrating video into your online strategy offers important advantages you don’t get from written content. If you’re currently doing weekly blogs, you can convert your blogs into a video format. Helpful how-to blogs can be made into how-to videos.

As video continues to become a large piece of the pie, businesses and marketers are now at a critical time where they need to view video as a necessity, not a luxury.

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