If you thought you could fake videos with static images, think again. From now on, Facebook will crack down on fake videos, giving preferential treatment to video content.


Facebook Cracks Down On Fake Video


The new Facebook algorithm will be able to detect and restrict this type of content using a new motion scoring system. I believe it is brilliant; this system will be able detect movement inside a video and demote content that's not a real video.

Because people want to see accurate information, Facebook is also cracking down on pages that post still images with play buttons inside them to get you there for clicks.

Facebook had a similar problem with publishers looping pre-recorded videos and calling them live. Spammers have implemented these tactics disguising the trick as a video and lowering the quality experience.

How will Facebook crack down on fake videos impact my page?


As long you don't use these tactics, there is nothing to worry about. It's a good update for Facebook. From here on when you see a video play button you can expect it to work.

These changes come as part of a massive effort to crack down on click bait, including downranking headlines that are misleading.

Here are some tips to avoid relying on clickbait headlines to engage your audience.

1. Share headlines that inform
2. Post headlines that set appropriate expectations
3. Share links with clear, accurate headlines

Instead of sharing fake content, grab your audience's attention by sharing informative content. Mix it up by posting a variety of mix media like photos and videos. And don't forget to reply personally to people who comment on your post.

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