Facebook fundraising options, more than any other marketing strategy, forces you to drop your own needs and focus on your donor’s needs.

Facebook Fundraising Options


When you do that, you stand out in the crowd. Raising money is so hard! This is what I hear from people. I’m here to tell you, the work doesn’t have to be hard work, it has to be focused work.


Fundraising Just Got Easier

Last November, Facebook announced the capacity for non-profits through Facebook Live. The new option enables live-stream viewers to give money to broadcasters in-stream.

Facebook Fundraising Options


Personal fundraising allows people to reach friends quickly, with just a few taps. Without living Facebook, you can donate via a secure payment. There are some fees to cover the payment process, which are 6.9% + $30 processing fees.


You can now raise money to cover costs. Following are some examples:

Education: Tuition, books or classroom supplies
Medical: Medical procedures, treatments or injuries
Pet Medical: Veterinary procedures, treatments or injuries
Crisis Relief: Public crises or natural disasters
Personal Emergency: House fire, theft or car accident
Funeral and loss: Burial expenses or living cost after losing a loved one

At the moment, Facebook’s donation system is limited to only charitable causes. But I suspect in the near future there will a similar process with the rise of live-stream talent.

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