Asking these four questions before hiring a social media manager is key to the ultimate success of your social media presence. By now, you have discovered digital marketing can be one of the most baffling factors for a small business owner to deal with - especially when it comes down to social media management. 


Four Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Social Media Manager


At some point in your company's growth, you recognized the valuable opportunities available to you on social media and advertising.  But how do you go about growing an audience, curating a social calendar and creating rich and engaging content that will keep your fans hooked on your brand?

It's unlikely you will be producing original content. So, now you’re seriously thinking about acquiring social media management services.


Here are 4 important questions to ask a potential social media manager.


1. Have they ever handled an online social media reputation crisis?

Ask about the steps they took to alleviate the situation and how they went about finding solutions for each example they present.

2. What are the best social platforms for your particular business? And, explain why.

Ask them to describe your brand and how they would fit a strategy across each social media channel.  You want to know if they have researched your company.  Each social platform requires a different marketing tactic.

3. Have they ever handled a social media advertising budget?

A starting minimum budget for a Facebook ad is typically between $500 to $800 a month. If you are looking to increase sales or visibility to your brand, investing in social media marketing is a must. Ask how they would go about allocating your budget and reporting the success of each campaign. 

4. Can they tell good stories?

They should be able to connect the dots and engage you with their storytelling expertise.

One of the biggest mistakes a company owner can make when it comes to social media is to assume they can hire any young person off the street to handle and grow their social media presence. I would advise you not to take this position lightly. Choose someone with digital media experience; a leader who with the proven ability to build a core audience for your brand.

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