Supernatural Documentary - After a rodeo accident, Marveena has a near-death experience in her twenties.

Marveena is sent back with extrasensory abilities that allow her to tap into the shadows of the spirit world. Over time, she discovers her new abilities, beings among us and how to relay messages from the other side to help the living.

In each episode, this series provides a glimpse into the lives of people who are being affected by supernatural disturbances in their home and work environments.

Through the assistance of medium Marveena, these individuals attempt to free their space of unwelcome, unnatural forces in order to regain tranquility in their home and work. This series helps the viewers understand that life goes on after the breath leaves the body.


From The Shadows - A Supernatural Documentary



From the Shadow is part biopic and part paranormal investigation documentary series that follows Marveena Meek, a Texas-based cowgirl-turned-psychic medium.

Each episode of From the Shadow centers around Marveena’s clients, who desperately seek out her help after paranormal occurrences have spun out of control in their homes or in commercial locations.

In each home, Marveena investigates the disturbances through channeling deceased owners of the properties or family members who may still have unfinished business and are refusing to cross over.

During the investigations of commercial locations, séances will be used to communicate with the dead as Marveena seeks the reasons behind the paranormal attachment to space.

Throughout all locations and situations, Marveena helps the viewers understand how the spirit world moves around the living and how and why things go bump in the night in hopes of bringing relief to those affected.

As we follow her life, Marveena shares her fascinating experiences, what she has learned from the spirit world as an Ordained High Priestess, how the spirit world functions and why images of people who have passed or past events are presented to her by the dead in order to relate information to the living.

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